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All year


Romania, Slanic Moldova

from 235 euro 7 nights/305 еuro 9 nihts /p.

Price includes

Cazare 7 nopti / 9 nopti/persoana in  DBL
FB masa (3 ori / zi)
Tratament (2 proceduri / zi)

Surrounded by beech and pine forests, Slanic Moldova is a spa resort, available in all seasons, offering the purest air rich in aerosols and negative ions.

Slanic Moldova – the spa resort, has a unique and specific spirit in the country and in Europe, are very springs in a relatively narrow area in terms of composition, concentration, chemical complexity and therapeutic effects. Slanic Moldova has important mineral deposits explored and exploited since the beginning of the 19th century. It reaffirmed the research in 1999 of the mineral and carbon dioxide mofetichen reevaluation reserves, which revealed two types of hydromeneological hydrogeological fields other than hydrogeological , hydraulic, physico-chemical and spa-medical areas: chlorinated and bicarbonate mineral waters.

Recommended treatment:

– gastrointestinal disorders (hypo- and chronic gastritis, hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcer, at least 3 years after the postoperative stomach disorder pain, chronic atypical colitis, colon, chronic constipation)

– hepatocellular diseases (biliary dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis, with or without stones, liver disease, postoperative conditions)

– food and metabolic diseases (diabetes, mild and intermediate obesity)

– kidney and urinary disorders (conditions after treatment of urinary tract infections if there have been no lesions or kidney diseases).

The external treatment of mineral water by Slanik Moldova for healthcare diseases:
– rheumatism

– cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (allergic asthma, chronic tracheobronchitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, pulmonary emphysema).

– treatment of endocrine disorders (hyperactive children before puberty)

– gynecological (menopausal syndrome)

In the center of Slanic, near the mineral springs, the Coroana Moldovei 4 * Hotel, a small boutique hotel, luxuriously and individually decorated, offers superb accommodation in this famous spa resort.

Slanik Moldova is a city in Bacău County, located near the Slanik River, at the foot of Mount Nemira, 530 meters above sea level.

Special packages
“Decada Balneara” 280 euro/person
9 nights / accommodation, FB  (breakfast- buffet, lunch and dinner-fixed menu), treatment- 2 procedures/day.  03.01-30.06 01.09-24.12
SNGL-460 euro (01.09-24.12) and 505 euro (01.07-31.08) 300 euro/person(01.07-31.08)
“Saptamina Balneara” 215 euro/person
7 nights / accommodation, FB  (fixed menu), treatment – 2 proceduri/zi            03.01-30.06                01.09-24.12
SNGL-360 euro (01.09-24.12)si 395 euro (01.07-31.08) 235 euro/persoana  (01.07-31.08)
“O saptamina la munte” 145 еuro/person in period:  03.01-30.06


5 nopti / cazare + 2 nopti gratis сu BB (buffet), tratament – 2 procedures/day
The rates are not valid for SNGL room occupancy


Children pay full package tariff. If they do not take procedures, they get 20 euros off for treatment.

Special packages do not include access to the Jacuzzi and sauna. They will pay extra – 50 RON / hour / person.


Coroana Moldovei 4* Room Price/person/ еuro
03.01-30.06 01.07-31.08 01.09-29.12
SNGL BB 41 45 41
DBL BB- 2 person 45 57 45
DBL De LUX BB-2p. (NEW) 56 66 56
SUIT BB -2p. 56 66 56
Аpp BB- 4p. 102 121 102


Children up to 7 years – free of charge

Children on extra bed – 18 Euro BB

Half board – 10 euro / day / person

Full board – 20 euro / day / person

Free access to the sauna and jacuzzi


Decada Balneara

2 adults+2 children (up to 12 years)

Suite-230 еuro/p.

Аpartment-260 еuro/p.



2 adults+2 children (up to 12 years)

Food BB

Suite-70 еuro/night

Apartment-103 еuro/night

Rooms at the Crown Mallow feature authentic Venetian furnishings and all the necessary amenities, as well as free internet access. They are highly decorated by architects and designers specializing in the restoration and decoration of castles, so you can feel the aura of the past centuries.

Enjoy a drink and a pleasant holiday on the hotel’s terrace, surrounded by nature and beautiful mountains.

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